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Food packaging: the perfect combination of technology and environment

    Lots of convenience food to serving as a package, in the form of plastic bags. These products are mostly carved out a small triangle on the side of the bag for easy consumer tear packaging aluminum-plastic compound bag universal bag seal edges and cut into a row of sharp corners. This type of packaging has a common problem, and is very difficult to tear out the neat opening, tearing often irregular shape, the contents scattered. Is the latest technology in laser incised carved above the bag out of a shallow scratches, so consumers always tore out a tidy opening. Believe that this technology will soon spread in the domestic food industry.

    Many times eating convenience food packaging problems. In general use zip bags, convenience food packaging applications in China are not much. Plastic "zip" combined with laser notch technology, will need to provide real convenience packaged convenience foods. The diversity of food packaging, food packaging design provides a broad space for imagination and experimentation. Food design, graphic design emerging from a single model, but more attention to function and structure, safety and health, as well as in-depth knowledge of consumer habits.