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path of PE plastic bag industry development

In the China, very few manufacturers will PE plastic bag packaging structure of the patent request, there is no very specific laws and regulations to the standard of this market.Path of PE plastic bag industry development is still long, I believe the future, PE plastic bag manufacturers will find an effective solution.

PE plastic bag market competition is very big, we have to continue to launch a good plan, so that we can be very good to carry out it.So that its living space and the scale of development has been expanding.Ordinary plastic bag it is not made of some of the material made of polyethylene but made of polyvinyl chloride, made of this material is toxic bags, is not conducive to contact with food, contact, then we are people If you eat it, it will hurt our body.And PE plastic bags are not the same, so we can not put this plastic bag and ordinary plastic bag confused.

Some companies research and development of bio-PE as a plastic bag material, which seems to be a solution, but with the global number of explosive growth, relying on biological materials as a production of PE plastic bag worries, will eventually and human snatch food space.