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Why Many People Choose To Use OPP Bags For Packaging
Jun 08, 2017

OPP is polypropylene. OPP bag is a plastic bag with some toughness that can be stretched to some extent.

OPP film has distinct advantages:

  1. good sealing Experimental data show that the new OPP film sealing is more than double the traditional film, so that its products moisturizing, freshness stronger, longer storage time;

  2. Strong anti-counterfeiting. The use of new film synthesis technology and special printing technology has a high technological content, only Germany and Japan to master the technology, counterfeit production is almost impossible for the goods to provide a strong guarantee of security;

  3. The new OPP film used in raw materials for the degradation of materials, so in terms of environmental protection in full compliance with international standards.

High-quality products will always be more prominent in the market witness. The use of OPP bags is more conducive to food safety and physical health.