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Corona Improper Effect On The Film
Feb 13, 2017

Corona improper effect on the film

Composite must have a certain degree of strength, plastic film printed ink must be solid, otherwise, will lose the use value. Surface polarization improper treatment of the film will have a negative impact on quality or even waste.

Surface polarization treatment is not enough strength when the plastic film after printing film ink solid or composite strength of less than the requirements, there will be the following questions:

Puncturing the surface of the film so that the treated film appears wrinkle;

1, so that the adhesion between the layers of the film, especially within the barrel material blowing out the adhesion is not easy separation;

2, to reduce the barrier properties of the film, so that the preservation of the film deterioration;

3, reducing the welding performance of the film, the film welding fastness decreased.

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