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Customized Food Packaging Bag Procedure
Mar 28, 2017

before customized leisure food bags, we need to locate the product packaging style and the information to be expressed to determine the bag size, material, thickness and bag type, and according to the information to their own designer or packaging plant design making a bag. During the designing time, especially pay attention to the elements on the packaging bags: packaging bags manufacturers such as Huizhou Yangrui Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd. (Main scope: packaging bags, packaging roll film, plastic packaging box), ingredients, product introduction, origin, net Weight, specifications, food label number, QS certification, health permit number, bar code, production date, storage conditions, valid time, food methods, manufacturer name, site and contact telephone number.

2. plate, professional technicians will separate the color on the file pattern after completed the drawing,  repair some of the unclear place to the mold factory to the production of roll mold.

3. printing, using of high-speed printing presses the surface film printing after raw material prepared(printing each color has a version of the roll, the version of the carving is gravure engraving), in the printing ink is non-stop flow  because the ink will condense, in the ink printing and film printing inlaid with a scraper, scraper is the place where the blade roll out of the ink, so that the concave roll can be printed. If the blade is stained with dust, there will be strip of ink pollution.  The dot ink pollution phenomenon happen because the ink in the rolling printing  splashed ink on the packaging film .

4. laminated, laminating the printed surface film and easy to heat the lining of the film with a special high-speed laminating machine .

5. curing, laminated plastic need  in the curing chamber more than 45 degrees for more than 24 hours curing, in order to make food bags difficult to delamination.

6. bag making,  food bags making comes to the end, the bag technician have certain skill, you must ensure that the color printing bag sealing edge is not leak,  has certain technical on the hot knife temperature control after Inspection