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Food Packaging Bag Material
Jun 27, 2017

Food packaging bags because the monolayer film always has its inherent advantages and disadvantages, can not meet today's increasingly more and more demanding food packaging requirements, and therefore must be two or more than two different performance Film or material together, learn from each other, to fully meet the requirements of food packaging. This kind of multi-layer of different materials made of food packaging materials made of bags, also known as composite bags. Food packaging is generally required to be packed in composite bags.

food packaging bag

Composite bag with excellent barrier properties, excellent resistance to Pakistan-type sterilization, refrigeration and other characteristics, is to achieve the preferred food packaging. The compound bag can be used for food packaging such as jelly cool, sour (fresh) milk, beverages, jam and other liquid beverages, or for milk powder, candy and other granules, powdery food packaging bags.

Food packaging bags are generally printed in copperplate. In India, refers to the printing of ink in the middle of the two layers of material. That is, our food and hands are inaccessible to the ink. This is clearly the safety of food packaging is very secure. This is actually one of the benefits of multi-layer composite materials.