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Four Methods To Protection Vacuum Bag
May 16, 2017

People's living standards continue to improve, people's quality of life requirements have become higher, which also makes the use of vacuum bags become more extensive, but how to protect the vacuum bag to make it longer How should we choose a vacuum bag?

As the vacuum bags are affected by the temperature, so be sure to try not to put them in the sun can direct to the place, because the strong ultraviolet radiation will accelerate the vacuum bag aging.

Vacuum packaging bags must try to avoid the storm and the storm, so as to be able to prevent vacuum packaging shrinkage and reduce short life.

Remember not to put the vacuum bag in the wet, air is not the place of circulation, it is easy to make the bag rot, and thus affect its use.

For some long vacuum bags have not used, be sure to carefully check whether they have cracks, and then start using.