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How To Dispose Of Food Plastic Packaging Bag Waste
Dec 15, 2016

How to Dispose of Food Plastic Packaging Bag Waste

With the economic development and the rapid rise of the packaging industry, packaging waste is also a substantial increase,if not handled in a timely manner, will seriously pollute the environment,over time the formation of a vicious unmanageable trend.At present, the recycling and recycling of packaging waste has become the top priority of environmental protection in all countries and the primary measure to control the global environmental pollution.

Food packaging materials as an example,China's annual output of plastic packaging products of about 3 million tons, the recycling of waste can save a lot of energy and resources.Such as the use of plastic waste made of plastic parts box packaging containers, and pure resin manufacturing plastic parts and packaging containers compared to the energy required to save 85 to 96 percent;Such as the use of incineration of plastic waste recycling Although energy can be saved, but compared with the recycling and reuse method, which can save more energy,For example, 45.4 kg of pouch density polyethylene has a combustion value of 19,000 Joules, but recycling can save 38,000 Joules of energy.

Packaging waste recycling is generally divided into two major categories of material recovery and heat recovery. At present, the domestic packaging waste recycling to the main material recovery.