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Introduction Of Retort Pouchs
Aug 31, 2017

Retort pouchs are made of three layers of material,the representative of the cooking bag structure is:Outer for polyester film, for strengthening,aluminum foil in the middle , for light, waterproof and leakproof gas,polyolefin film (such as a polypropylene film) is the inner layer for heat and contact with food.

The Retort pouch has many unique advantages in the food packaging:

  1. Retort pouch is relatively thin, achieve sterilization requirements in a short period of time,as much as possible to keep the color, smell, taste, shape of the original food

  2. Retort pouch can be easily and safely opened,Put the food and the bag together into boiling water heating 5 min, or even without heating can be eaten

  3. Retort pouch light weight, can be stacked storage, the space occupied by small,make full use of storage and transportation space, saving storage costs

  4. Foods packed in Retort pouch, no refrigeration or frozen, easy to sell,also easy to use in the family

Retort pouch High temperature check

After the bag is completed, the bag is filled with equal volume contents and sealed (Note: the contents of the contents of the customer with the specified content is similar to the water or other substances can not be replaced, and sealed as far as possible the bag of air, So as to avoid the impact of air swelling during the test results), into the back pressure high temperature cooking pot, set the customer requirements of the conditions (cooking temperature, time, pressure) for high temperature cooking test;

Cooking after the appearance of inspection: the bag should be flat, no wrinkling, blistering, deformation, no separation, leakage phenomenon; if any of these undesirable phenomena is unqualified.