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New Environment-friendly Food Packaging Materials: Paper And Plastic Packaging
Dec 07, 2015

  Separation and recovery of compound flexible packaging, there's still a problem, it's not as easy as a single plastic materials recycling, composite soft packing bags of food packaging waste environmental pollution has caused widespread concern in the community. Material which can be recycled paper as a single material, but after plastic composite together, it becomes difficult to recycle the compound flexible packaging waste.
  Numbness on the pursuit of the vision and excessive packaging bags of food packaging, waste of resources or misleading to consumers, it is bad.
  Now plastic seed bags kraft paper is 50-60 gram, salt bags with white is 27 grams, it's role in the crossing does not increase for goods protection, not only against the principle of reduction of low carbon, nor to the recycling of waste, and known as "green".