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Structural Properties Of Aluminum Foil Bags
Aug 31, 2017

Aluminum foil bag is not only a layer of aluminum foil, under normal circumstances is made of a variety of materials from a composite bag, size and thickness vary, depending on the specific products have to be packaged.

Generally, the outermost layer of aluminum foil bag belongs to nylon material, which is easy to hang ink, strong adhesion of ink, colorful and difficult to fall off, long life, so the general use of nylon materials. The second layer is aluminum foil, aluminum foil is a metal material, can effectively block the impact of light on the goods, especially infrared, etc .; the innermost is generally high temperature, cooking-resistant NY film, this film and PE film similar, but the resistance Temperature strength is relatively high, not free to change, but also has a very good oil resistance, while still blocking the combustion, because it is close to the grease.

Aluminum foil in the protection of other materials, to maximize the performance can be reflected.If you need more details, please call Huizhou Yang Rui Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd. service hotline +86-752-3366352,Professional focus, enthusiasm service for you.