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The Role Of Vacuum Packaging Bags
Sep 01, 2017

The role of vacuum packaging bags

1.The main role is Removal of oxygen

In fact, the vacuum packaging machine preservation principle is not complicated,one of the most important part is to remove the oxygen inside the packaging products.The bags and food within the oxygen out, and then sealed packaging,to avoid the air into the oxidation, reaction will not occur, so as to achieve the effect of preservation.The use of vacuum packaging machine is conducive to prevent food deterioration,due to food mildew rot is mainly caused by microbial activity,the survival of most microorganisms is the need for oxygen,vacuum packaging is the use of this principle,pump out the oxygen from bags and food,So that micro-organisms lose their living environment. Vacuum packaging can not inhibit the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria and enzyme reactions caused by food deterioration and discoloration,and therefore need to be combined with other auxiliary methods,such as refrigerated, quick-frozen, dehydrated, high-temperature sterilization, radiation sterilization, microwave sterilization, salt and so on.

2.To prevent food oxidation

Oils and fats contain a large number of unsaturated fatty acids, oxygen in the role of oxidation,food taste change,deterioration.In addition, the oxidation of vitamin A and vitamin C loss of food coloring matter in the role of unstable substances by oxygen, so that the color dimmed.Therefore, removing oxygen can effectively prevent food deterioration, to maintain its color, smell, taste and nutritional value.

3.The inflatable link

Vacuum inflatable packaging, the main role in addition to vacuum packaging with the deoxidation shelf-life features,there are compression, gas resistance, preservation and other effects,can more effectively make the food long-term to maintain the original color, smell, taste, shape and nutritional value.In addition, there are many food should not be used in vacuum packaging, and must use vacuum inflatable packaging. Such as crispy fragile food, easy to agglomerate food, easily deformed take oil food, sharp edges and corners or higher hardness will pierce the bags of food. Food vacuum packing machine vacuum food packaging, the inflatable bag packing bag pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure, can effectively prevent the food pressure crushing deformation, does not affect the appearance of the bag and printing and decorating.

Vacuum packed in a vacuum and then filled with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, a single gas or 2-3 kinds of gas mixture.In which nitrogen is an inert gas, from the filling effect,so that the bag to maintain positive pressure to prevent the bag outside the air into the bag, the food played a protective role.Carbon dioxide gas can be dissolved in various types of fat or water, the formation of weak acidity of carbonic acid, inhibit mold, spoilage bacteria and other microbial activity.Oxygen has inhibited the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and color, high concentrations of oxygen can make fresh meat to maintain its bright red.