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The Unique Of Anti-static Pe Plastic Bag
Apr 19, 2017

Anti-static pe plastic bag unique four-layer structure can form a "sensor cover" effect to protect the bag items and electrostatic field isolation. Anti-static shielding material inside and outside the layer by the transparent anti-static material composition, the middle of the translucent conductive metal layer,which has a good anti-static, electrostatic shielding performance, the appearance of silver-gray, translucent, can be seen by the packaging.Can be made flat pocket, zipper bag, organ bag, three-dimensional bag and other forms. Widely used in computer motherboards, sound cards, graphics cards and other static-sensitive electronic products packaging.

Anti-static plastic bags for PCB, IC and other electrostatic sensitive high-tech electronic products transport and packaging.Not only anti-static bag all the anti-static performance,as well as shielding external personnel, equipment ESD electrostatic discharge and external electromagnetic radiation performance, it has excellent anti-static, anti-radio frequency, water vapor permeability, anti-salt spray and many other features.