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Rice Plastic Bags

Transparent Rice Plastic Bags

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Transparent Rice Plastic Bags

Transparent Rice Plastic Bags


Rice is a moist-sensitive product and need the correct packaging to ensure that the products are preserved and protected. Yangrui provides Rice Plastic Bags, which assists with the effortless distribution of various rice products. 


Rice Plastic Bags The most commonly searched for feature of Rice Plastic Bags include, a packaging that can withstand various weight capacities and one which would be moisture resistant. Therefore we include certain plastic films in materials so that our rice packs legally adhere to the requirements of rice packaging.


Several plastic materials included with our bags are : LLDPE / BOPP / PPE / PE / MET


Yangrui produce Rice Plastic Bags including aluminium foil or metalized layers within your Rice Plastic Bags design which have high barrier properties, ensuring products’ freshness and also enhance the shelf life of the rice products. We also manufacture custom printed Rice Plastic Bags as per your brand preference. For that we make use of the rotogravure technique which allows us to print up to 9 colors. Our Rice Plastic Bags are made with three main kinds of finishing like gloss, matt and shiny. We provide popular Rice Plastic Bags styles including stand up pouches, pillow pouches and flat bottom bags.


We also add various modifications to the Rice Plastic Bags including:
Euro slots
Hanging holes
Degassing valves
Tear notch
Re-sealable zip closure
Transparent window


Our Rice Plastic Bags is helpful for you to heighten the brand loyalty hence increase the sales. Consumers are fascinated and tempted to buy your products with the help of effective rice packaging. We provide reliable, safe and cost efficient flexible Rice Plastic Bags solution.





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