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Stand Up Coffee Bags

Stand Up Coffee Bags

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Stand Up Coffee Bags

Stand Up Coffee Bags With Zipper

Yangrui offer a wide range of Stand Up Coffee Bags in different sizes and colors or zipper,according to the requirement and budget of the customers. We utilize the latest equipment to create stunning and attractive printed bags for custom orders. We can custom print any design by making use of the rotogravure technique which allows us to print up to 9 colors. Our coffee pouches can be in matt finish, shiny finish, shiny and matt finish, brown Kraft paper printing, window bags, aluminium foil laminated bags, etc.

These pouches have a combination of materials including :LLDPE / PPE / MET / BOPP / PE. These materials offer more flexibility and durability to the pouches. They are laminated with metalized or aluminium layers, which are able to provide a high barrier against moisture, oxygen and light conserving its fresh product longer.

Stand up pouches are more suitable for packaging of products like
Pet food
Cosmetics, etc.

Our Stand Up Coffee Bags with degassing valves allows packaged coffee immediately after heat treatment and grinding to maintain the freshness and quality of your products. Our unprinted Stand Up Coffee Bags can be available on numerous colors such as brown, black, white, silver, red and many others. You can be able to rest assured that these bags will not cost a heavy price for your budget because we provide the highest quality products at some reasonable price to our clients.



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